Abipurify Balance

Oily skins are especially delicate and irritable, they lack brightness, they are shiny and can become congested. Their texture is thick, wrinkles are less marked than in normal skin, pores are enlarged and slightly swollen.

The problem begins when your sebaceous glands work excessively and produce a permanent oily flow that alters its freshness and brightness, dead cells accumulate in the pores, making it difficult for the sebum to pass through to the surface, thus favouring the appearance of blackheads. Furthermore, excessive seborrhoea favours the proliferation of bacteria, which causes a microbial imbalance that invades the blackhead, leading to an inflammatory process that will lead to the development of acne.

The ABIPURIFY BALANCE line has been developed to treat effectively the symptomatology and problems arising from excess oil in the skin, providing suitable textures for this type of skin as well as new latest generation active agents.


Balancing Cream


Glycolic Acid Gel



Bio Refining Serum