Lymphatic Drainage 30ml


Lymphatic Drainage 30ml

Based on decongestant and draining Extracts such as Verbena, Clove and Elder flowers that provide flavonoids, minerals and trace elements. This effect is reinforced by the presence of Ivy and Horsetail Extracts, which help eliminate toxins and improve skin elasticity and firmness. Recommended in manual lymphatic drainage and tired legs body treatments, and also in treatments with appliances:

Pressure therapy and Endermologie as pre and post-treatment.

How to use:

Add about 20 ml of base* the useful content of three pipettes (approximately 1.5 ml) and use according to the technique protocol to follow.

To increase the activity you can add more amount or mix with any other Active Body Concentrate.

*(1) Massage Body Cream

*(2) Massage Body Gel

*(3) Massage Body Oil

Ref.: 2016


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